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In this game, you'll play as a newbie voice actor who strives to win for the year-end Seiyuu Award.

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Android version for Seiyuu Danshi is now up! The game isn't on Play Store for obvious reason the overflowing adult content :p. To install it on your device:. It's free for existing buyers so go ahead and download it to play it in your Android device :D. For the past week, I've been working on doing some code refactoring for Seiyuu Danshi. So, if you're in the middle of a play through, do NOT update.

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Posted on January 20, by pokeninja Seiyuu Danshi is a highly interactive game.

Seiyuu danshi: 18+ bl/yaoi visual novel / dating sim game

Heck, I challenge you to find a game that has as many features as Seiyuu Danshiyou step into the shoes of newbie voice actor Haato, as he attempts win the coveted Seiyuu Award or risk getting dropped by his agency. Navigate the ups and downs of the VA world, honing your skills by taking classes at the local VA School or spend time getting to know your fellow VAs and other celebrities as you gain more notoriety in the voice acting industry.

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Right, so I am not the biggest fan of stats raisers and life simulators, I find the constant grinding of stats tedious and frustrating. I understand the appeal, since stats raising gives players more agency in the story, so you feel more invested in the outcomes. You have to maintain three main stats to advance your VA career— Technique, Characterization, and Singing.

Seiyuu danshi free download

There are also the affection stats which are by far the most tedious, you essentially have to stalk your crush and no one else until you become lovers AND THEN that unlocks a whole new level of affection points that you MUST max out if you want the most romantic end.

And if you prioritize your career over your boo, you might just land a bad ending on principle… like I did with Tocchan. There are also special events where the entire cast gets together for group activities like the Ski trip that happens in the winter.

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Some of my favorite parts of the game were the special events, because they give you a chance to interact with the LIs in a non stats related capacity and I really liked seeing the different character dynamics at play during group outings. You really get the sense that these characters could be friends and while some of the humor was a bit on the campy side, I really did enjoy the chemistry between Haato and the rest of the main cast. However, these scenes never felt quite long enough for me and I found myself longing for the next one during some of the more grueling stats grinding moments of the game.

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Despite my gripes about the stats, there were some really fun aspects of the game, like I really enjoyed the Voice Acting Job system and the Auditions—you essentially have to meet a certain stats requirement to take on jobs and when you go in for the audition you have to convey the proper emotion with each line of dialogue.

The art is nice, I will admit the shift to chibis during the actual sex scenes was more comedic than it was sexy, but the game does have some nice anime styled artwork that will appeal to most players.

Seiyuu danshi

The game does a lot to help you through a lot of it, especially the Fudanshi side character who pops up from time to time to give you hints on your chosen love interest he was a lifesaver and when you complete certain routes you gain cheat codes to make your subsequent playthroughs easier which is a blessing, especially the ones that max out stats! Thank you for reading and Supporting Blerdy Otome! If you like what you see be sure to drop a like or a comment to let me know your thoughts on Seiyuu Danshi!! May miss out some days or events and then I get locked out from the best ending of my intended LI.

I may give it a try this weekend.

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I really love Hikaru!! He starts off as a jerk kind of a overconfident celebbut I liked his progression. But, I also thought Toru was really cute. Do you have a trick on how to balance out VA training and romance?

[first thoughts] seiyuu danshi – bl game review

So, I went hard for the VA training early on and before you unlock nighttime activities I watched anime or bought items that helped me boost the VA stats at home. I only did the extra weekend training when I needed a boost before an audition. I find myself saving and loading a lot in this game. Blerdy Otome is an otome games and visual novel review site that runs on Black Girl Magic and Dreams.

Seiyuu danshi: 18+ bl/yaoi visual novel / dating sim game

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the Party. Like this: Like Loading I may give it a try this weekend Do you have a favorite LI in this game?

Seiyuu danshi free download

Thank you for stopping by, I really hope you enjoy your playthrough Loading Looks like you like tsunderes, I take it? Oh yes very much so! And Kuudere too!! I saved the weekends and the time after the reg.

Seiyuu danshi

VA training for stalking my intended LI. Start Your Journey Search. So, step right up and prepare your heart!

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Seiyuu danshi: 18+ bl/yaoi visual novel / dating sim game

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