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You may think of me as some kind of giant-cocked god among men, spending my days and nights banging the hottest women in the world. What a coincidence! A cool deviates were browsing the discussions today as I checked out the subreddit, so I knew I was in good company.

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I love this place. Their rules are simple. This is a place for gaming that you can whip your dick out to. Those are all the rules. Remember that scene when Scrooge McDuck dove into his money vault, headfirst into the cash? How the fuck do I even cover a subreddit that literally has every single type of smut that you can imagine all under one roof?

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Either way, you need some hot porn games that you can take with you. Sorry Apple users, but Android games are much easier to get your hands on. There are very few games that you can get on there without having to root that shit. The subreddit is relatively new. It launched back in For a porn subreddit, they have some pretty solid s. There are usually a few hundred active members online out of the 31 thousand total members.

Not too bad at all. Especially for an NSFW subreddit. Often times, these communities are so niche that the of active users will be in the single digits.

Reddit is a massive site with lo of smaller communities called subreddits built-in. Anyone can make one. Each community functions as its own entity as long as it adheres to the base Reddit rules. Easy shit.

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You just need to stop rubbing yourself raw long enough to plug in a username, password, and. I hope that you betas can at least handle that on your own.

Reddit nsfw: a list of best subreddits () - erohut

Having some sort of loose requirements makes the subreddit more cohesive and makes it so you can filter out the bullshit posts instantly. Fuck, I could be a Reddit mod if I was still a virgin. This subreddit sure needs a skilled moderator to soup this shit up.

So many NSFW subreddits only have one or two posts trickle in a day, but you can expect upwards of a dozen posts to scroll through every single day here. And most of the posts have content! Sure, there are quite a few request thre and discussions, but the vast majority of posts happen to be on-topic.

I think this is because the mods pinned a request post back when the subreddit first began. You can look through there to see if the game you want to fap to has already been requested before you go ahead and make a post. Most posts seem to cap out at around upvotes, barring a few exceptions. Most on-topic posts will give you all of the information you need to download the game and get fapping.

But the best part is that most of these games are fucking free.


So, most links will provide you with a free download. But can you browse this kinky subreddit on mobile? You bet your acne-riddled ass that you can. Just go to the app store or whatever and download the official Reddit app to get started.

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This subreddit was surprisingly active. Other subs with a comparable of users are often ghost towns, but this Android gaming subreddit is going strong. You can expect plenty of new posts to keep you satisfied every day. I was also glad to see that the subreddit stayed on topic for the most part. I still think that things will get out of hand pretty quickly if they grow at all, but, for now, the sub is on a good track.

Reddit video game porn

Most posts have links to the game, descriptions of the game, and all of that good shit. There were only a few shitty, off-topic posts. Get some moderators in here who actually give a damn and have them draft up some rules. All that this subreddit needs is a good hour or so of work from a single mod, and it would be so much better. Not having rules or active mods is really the only thing that can go wrong with a subreddit.

It all comes down to those factors. So, I hope they get their asses in gear and make some changes.

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Overall, Reddit. This subreddit is full of hot content for you to download and fap to. You may not get any engaging discussions or anything like that, but you can lurk all you want with ease. A reddit. Reddit Porn Games.

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