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Please bang my wife game, I'm please bang my wife game male that loves chocolate

The Sashiharas, Yasushi and Mariko, are newlyweds.

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Localization originally published by MangaGamer September 30,

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Released November 30, For PC Windows. Full voice acting. Censored genitals. Download the English fan translation patch here.

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A couple years have passed since the first game, and your marriage has gone stale. After your smoking hot anime waifu catches you jerking off to cuck porn, your she knows what time it is! In the first game, you caught your wife cheating and let her continue due to your cuck fetish.

In this game, she catches you jerking off to cuck shit and decides to cheat on you again.

(18+) eroge review: please bang my wife

Surprisingly, this game is even better than the last one! Mariko is older and knows what she wants. More importantly, she knows what you want!

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This makes her more confident than before, which le to a lot of fun. Your wife deflowers him in a love hotel and becomes his girlfriend! This le to all sorts of incredibly erotic dialogue, like when you ask her a seriously shocking question. And do you know what she says? You cum in your pants realizing your wife has fallen for him. Another fantastic moment is when you and your wife run into Takagi at the grocery store.

Do you have a girlfriend? This is incredibly hot because secretly Takagi is dating your wife!

[nsfw] hentai game review: please bang my wife - hentai reviews

Best of all, this game does not have the typical cuckold ending. Instead you get a choice. Will you ask your wife to stop, or encourage her to continue? As far as he knows, your wife is just a cheating slut! The game has two downsides. First, Mariko is on birth control the entire game, which diminishes the taboo. Second, the perspective often swaps between you and Mariko, making things hard to follow. If you can look past these flaws, this game is an absolute must-play experience.

Please Bang My Wife 2 is a visual novel. Press CTRL to skip dialogue.

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The game can be completed in under four hours, and all sex scenes are available in a single playthrough. There are five choices in total. The first has no effect. The second and third decide if you really want to cuckold or get a game over. The fourth skips or shows the hotsprings trip.


The fifth choice determines which ending you receive. It was only noticeable because I kept taking notes. There are 18 CGs spread across 8 sex scenes in total. This is because the sex scenes involve multiple positions. The art style has been updated since the title.

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Now, Mariko has a grayish skin tone and the colors are more muted than before. Her tits are also much bigger! And when it comes to the protagonist, his face is shown much more clearly. While the game relied on standard appearances, this game has a wider range of facial expressions. While the thigh-sex artwork was a bit awkward, other scenes like the eight used condoms were absolutely glorious! You can see her tit being grabbed and pressed into just like real breasts!

It felt like I was really watching my wife being fucked! You often see her curvy bottom covered in sweat that rolls down her smooth, perfect back.

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Most hentai games ignore the ass but this game does it right! Himuro Yuri reprises her role as Mariko, but it felt like a whole new person! This is what a good script does, it brings out the best in your voice actresses! From flirty to lustful, from happy to irritated, Mariko comes to life through the fantastic voicework behind her character.

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It kept me drawn into the moment and enjoying every second of every scene. Of course, the focus is on the voice acting, so you never really notice. The same ten tracks from the first game are reused here, and are common among most Atelier Sakura titles. While these tracks conjure up nostalgia from the first title, I expected something more! The music room on the main menu lets you enjoy these tracks without distracting voice acting. There are eight sex scenes in total.

I exploded in my pants repeatedly throughout this experience.

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If it got a veteran fapper like me, this will be downright magical for ordinary players. I love the multiple perspectives for storytelling.

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For example, she claims he pulled out, even though Mariko let her lover creampie her married pussy! Mariko is a lot more sexy and sadistic this time around.

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She records audio of their fucking and then plays it for you. The best scene in the game involves the player hiding under the bed while Mariko cheats. Please Bang My Wife 2 is even better than the original! The graphics are gorgeous, the voice acting is superb, and the dialogue is incredibly hot! The only thing better than standard cuckolding, is for a wife to cheat because she wants to, regardless of what her husband thinks! I highly recommend this game to perverts. - your guide to game, tv and movie releases

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