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Just strip the title off with sexual connotations and read it as it is: adult games for Android. Yes, nudity and sexuality could be among those things too. The games featured here tackle issues that are highly inappropriate for kids and even for teens. The contents could be highly graphic and the themes are too controversial for young minds to grasp. As far as children are concerned, these games should be strictly off-limits.

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The console wars have led to fans having to make some interesting decisions when it comes to their video games. Each console tends to have their own advantages and areas where they differentiate themselves from the competition. Another area in which Nintendo has stood out from the rest of the pack is that they have a more family-friendly image. Updated July 22, by Mark Sammut: Nintendo might not be typically associated with bloody and mature games, but that doesn't mean the company has never allowed such titles to appear on its consoles.

In fact, the Switch seems to be quite willing to let a bit of gore onto its screen, even more than the Wii and Wii Mature adult games. Nobody expects or even really wants the likes of Mario or The Legend of Zelda to suddenly throw out an "M" rated game, especially when third-party developers can be depended upon to scratch that itch. Along with a classic, this list has been updated to include a few recent releases.

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One of the best RPGs of the eighth console generation, The Witcher 3 brings Geralt's story to a close in spectacular fashion. Intelligent writing, great side quests, and an expansive world ripe for exploration, this game is considered a masterpiece for good reason.

The Switch version is not the best way to experience The Witcher 3 but the fact it is a possibility is nothing short of amazing. While this entry specifically calls out 's Doomit can be considered a placeholder for any entry from the franchise.

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Doom Eternal and Doom 64 are also great picks. The Doom Slayer returned to prominence in a big way through id Software's soft reboot of the series. Gory kills, aggressive enemies, and satisfying combat define Doom.

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This is a first-person shooter that devotes itself entirely to its gameplay, offering wave after wave of demons for the player to mow through with stylish efficiency. Ever since its debut, Mortal Kombat has publicly represented "Mature" games.

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It is the first franchise that tends to pop into the minds of people when violent, bloody games are discussed. While Nintendo used to be quite welcoming of the franchise around the turn of the century, Mortal Kombat 11 was the first main entry to appear on one of the company's systems for over a decade. Naturally, concessions had to be made to get Mortal Kombat 11 running on the Switch, with the visuals and effects being considerably worse than on other consoles.

However, the combat is still fun and gory.

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Quaint as it might seem nowadays, Narc was a huge deal back in the last '80s. An arcade title that eventually found its way onto the NES, Narc follows two agents as they work their way through a drug cartel, arresting and shooting enemies along the way. Along with its mature themes, Narc was very violent for the era, even featuring blood. The NES version reduced quite a bit of the drug references but kept the rest of the game mostly intact.

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Back in the late '80s, there was a strange lawlessness to video games, largely because the limitations of the hardware acted as a form of censorship in and of itself. Chiller started as an arcade game, but received an und port for the original Nintendo and even morbidly made use of the NES Zapper. Chiller features bloody torture chambers, desecrated graveyards, and a shocking amount of dismemberments and deaths.

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Chiller is an offensive relic of its time that ruffled feathers back when it came out, but it's become an odd piece of history and easily the NES' most mature game. Rockstar has become notable for its violent open sandbox games that push boundaries and make headlines. Bully features a lot of the same tricks and ideas that are found in Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar's other big series.

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Manhunt 2 is such a title and it was one of the few video games to intentionally receive an AO Adults Only rating. It almost feels like the cartoon de helped it slip through the cracks.

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There are some mature games that are of little substance other than their exploitative aspects and how they indulge in their baser instincts. However, some titles can apply mature themes in a justified way and deliver something powerful and provocative in the process. The dark, psychological game mixes together a lot of genres and is absolutely memorable. The recent Switch port brought the sexualized insanity to Nintendo fans.

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Agony digs into Faustian themes and questions about consent in ways that are powerful but feel gratuitous and unearned. The art des and monsters in the title are really upsetting, too. Agony is another game that initially saw an AO-rating but then toned itself down to meet standards.

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The studio has teased an AO patch, but it seems unlikely. All the same, the game somehow got ported over to the Switch. PlatinumGames has built a reputation for being one of the best names in exaggerated action titles, and for many, the Bayonetta series is their crown jewel. The games take everything that Platinum does well and injects it with insanity. Bayonetta uses her looks in a creative manner and makes sure that her combat is constantly breaking the limits of reality.

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Bayonetta 2 is even more bonkers than its predecessor and hopefully means that the upcoming Bayonetta 3 will continue the trend. The survival horror game draws inspiration from the works of H. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe as it spans many disparate time periods in bleak ways.

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In addition to the death and violence, the game psychologically attacks the player and tackles topics, like suicide, that are intense for a Nintendo title. MadWorld is presented in gorgeous black-and-white that contrasts with the red buckets of blood that are spilled.

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MadWorld embraces its over-the-top violence and is better off for it. Daniel Kurland is a freelance writer, comedian, and critic, who lives in the cultural mosaic that is Brooklyn, New York. By Daniel Kurland Updated 17 hours ago. Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists Nintendo. Daniel Kurland Articles Published Daniel Kurland is a freelance writer, comedian, and critic, who lives in the cultural mosaic that is Brooklyn, New York.

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