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Visit our new games listblog aggregatorIRC channeland Discord. NaNoRenO ends when April begins. Activation problem? PyTom.

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Aug 8, 19, 12, Grimreaper24 said:. So could someone tell me where the other girls are from like Stephanie and all of the random girls plus the arcade girl and bartender would appreciate the help.

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TashiDev Newbie Game Developer. Jan 8, 21 Since you know how to use that CCC maybe you can put together a tutorial for us here who would like to help with adding more and more girls to make pregnant. Reactions: Nodenet. TashiDev said:. The CCC was my little project. According to the warning at the top of my profile I'm not allowed to post links yet, but if you visit our subreddit using the old reddit style there is a link to our wiki along the top that has info on the CCC.

We've only had one person go all out with it and they're on the dev team now adding their character into 0.

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I'm no programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but Renpy is insanely simple, and the CCC makes it even easier. I'm really not sure that I could make a tutorial any simpler than the many Renpy tutorials that are already posted around the web. Last edited: Jan 8, Jun 18, If any staff member can give TashiDev the " Game Developer " tag that would be great.

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Reactions: Ti'elby Mercedes. I'm really not sure that I could make a tutorial any simpler the the many Renpy tutorials that are already posted around the web. Reactions: chrisdevchroma.

The warning not to post links has disappeared so I guess it's alright to post these. You can find info on the CCC on the You must be registered to see the links. Grimreaper24 Member. Nov 23, You just need to play and go everywhere, you need to do all jobs including working at the pool side job.

Stephanie needs you to be very high up in the jobs you can use. Some type of office job but I don't remember what it is called. Just by playing the game without cheating money you will unlock all girls.

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I appreciate it but I meant what other games they are from I found out were most of them are from but that was what I was wondering I found all of the girls except for two. Reactions: a1fox3. Click the credits button in game. Clicking on the girl will open a link in your browser to her game's entree at vndb. Edit: Clicking the View Other Girls text in the top right of the credits screen will move to the rando and side girls. As far as I know every girl in the game has a link to vndb. Sam Sysadmin Staff member.

Dec 22, 1, 10, If anyone needs the game dev tag, they need to create a ticket themselves. Reactions: chrisdevchroma and a1fox3.

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Dec 7, 18 This project has not been abandoned. There is still a lot of work going into it. We have officially dropped from the title. The game is just titled Haramase Simulator now. I've personally added 3 new girls to the next release, and I am in the process of updating Michelle to take advantage of a new unannounced mechanic.

I have no idea when version 0.

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I can say my three new girls have been turned over to our testers to start bug hunting. Reactions: chrisdevchromaJohnTashiDev and 1 other person.

May 22, Love people complaining about this game. Reactions: TashiDev. Chessie Newbie. Nov 16, 25 8. Chessie said:. Onhold would have been best. One of the dev's need to get hold of a staff member to get it changed. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.