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It is now freely available for everyone to play as the game's main story has finished.

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That being said, I've decided to do something new, details below! I am working on a new text adventure, smaller scale, for an intended hours gameplay. It'll be called Giantess Escape: Hotel Horrors and you'll basically be trying to escape a hotel while a giantess is chasing you and simultaneously have side interactions throughout the game.

Full game list

It'll be much easier to manage, and this time I'd actually be able to complete something. I was WAY to ambitious with ASD, and perhaps one day I'll come back to continue working on it but the GF feature, the increasingly complex boss battles, they are so much work it just kills me sometimes when it takes forever to do a single interaction with a single character.

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I hope this new game will re-invigorate my will to develop and I think you'll all enjoy it! Below is a link to my discord.

I am currently accepting character creation requests, so if you'd like to make a custom character that has a chance at starring in my new game, the server and click the character applications channel and follow the instructions! I'll be accepting more beta testers too for the new game and have already accepted multiple others.

Come the fun! So needless to say this game is on hiatus for the long run, so unless I announce otherwise via discord don't expect any more updates on this game.

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At some point I may try to fix some of the timer errors on the Sydney fight, I know it's been an issue. You are shrunk, and no one seems to know it! You are surrounded by teachers, staff and teenagers, most of whom you know but are unable to speak to.

Size matters

Can you figure out who shrunk you? And can you find a way to return to normal size?

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You'd better hope so If you log in before playing, you'll be able to save your progress - which means you can come back later and pick up where you left off. Log in. Review by Buzzkill.

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