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You like online competitive card games. You like hentai porn. Why not have the best of both worlds and play a porn based card game? Gone are the days of trying to play Hearthstone on one monitor while trying to jerk off to your favorite hentai porn on the other.

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CuntWars aka Chick Wars! What a fucking name for a site. They are definitely not messing around. No, Cunt Wars is not about a couple of chicks finally duking it out in a ring, though that would be amazing. I know, I know. It sounds lame, but before you go zipping up your pants and taking your wank elsewhere, hear me out.

This game is a welcome change to that overdone formula. You create a using your and it saves your progress for you as you go. Having the game in the browser has the added bonus of being able to close it out quickly if anyone walks by. Cuntwars also has a mobile version of the game where you can download an app and continue your bitch collecting, demon-slaying journey over there.

And I have to say, it runs fucking great. All of the same functions as the desktop version. No lag. You can sync your progress, too.

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Straightforward Plot with Jaw-Dropping Illustrations and Animation The concept for the game is fairly straightforward. It is a fantasy RPG where you play as the dude named Adam who is going through some sort of hell to defeat demon lords, collect bitches, get fucked, and gain power. Nothing difficult. No twists and turns.

The game is great to look at too. Fantastic animation and tons of lewd characters, scenes, and cards. Everything has vibrant colors, and it genuinely looks like the artists put a lot of time into crafting all the sexy shit you get to see.

Hell, the loading screen shows your boy Adam surrounded by all kinds of hot demon bitches doing all kinds of kinky shit. You get bondage, oral, anal, squirting, lactation, feet, and all kinds of fetishy scenes for all of you sick fucks out there. Every time you win or lose a fight you get this victory or defeat card that shows your character either fucking or getting tied up by all of your enemies. You get different scenes depending on what monsters you fight. Easy Game to Pick Up Sometimes these porn games can be super fucking confusing.

Thankfully, Cuntwars takes a different approach. You start off with a prebuilt deck, and this smoking hot demon bitch walks you through a dozen or so fights before you go off on your own.

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Basically, you play the game by drawing a hand full of cards with sexy demons, angels, and other fantasy chicks. Then, you can set cards out on the field below in a melee row or set down cards in one of the two ranged rows in the back. The opponent can then place cards in front of yours so that they can do battle, while moaning and making cute hentai noises along the way of course.

Each card has different abilities like splash damage, piercing damage, summoning, double attacks, shields, etc. The goal in a battle is to defeat the opponent by getting past their cards and hitting them directly until they are all out of hearts. You hit opponents directly by having no enemy cards in front of your cards. Once that happens, your bitches will attack them directly and deal damage to their heart counter.

When they hit zero you win and usually get coins, gems, and experience. Gems are a premium currency that let you become games like cunt wars VIP, or you can buy exclusive booster packs with it. Thankfully, it looks like you can earn these gems at a relatively reasonable pace without shelling out your hard-earned money.

VIP status lets you earn even more gems, get more lives in certain areas, do more online raids, and other pretty good benefits.

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Experience allows you to upgrade your bitches and make them more powerful. When they get more powerful, you probably guessed it, their cards get lewder and they get sexier. I upgraded one of my snake ladies and it made it so that she lost her shirt. Hell yeah.

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The main storyline has you fight through the various circles of hell to defeat demon lords. When you get to the end of a quest you unlock a kinky image of your character in some sort of hot scenario.

You can even go back to view them in the gallery if you need some private viewing time. But the Journey section where you embark on the main plot is only a small section of the game. The true game comes when you complete that and get to the various Leagues. These leagues are raids that you can do alone or with other players and friends online. You can also engage in one on one battles with players online to earn much more gems, coins, and experience than you would just doing story missions. These leagues go from 1 to You start at 30 and eventually make your way down to 1 by doing battles and leveling up.

And judging by the games like cunt wars that constantly runs behind the game client, I would say this game is pretty fucking active. Who knew that lewd cards, a fun battle system, and hot hentai noises was what we needed to take competitive card games to the next level. Everything about the system makes sense. Also, the balancing of the game is on point. What I mean by that is that games like this usually push too much game and not enough porn.

Cuntwars is a pretty perfect blend of both genres here. They give you the porn you want without also sacrificing the gameplay for it. The still images are great, but it will really turn this shit up to 11 if they had short animations. Other than that, no complaints here! Embrace your role as demon slayer and step into hell!

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Go get bitches, fuck demons, and have a good time with this game. Open Cunt Wars. Cunt Wars Hentai Heroes. FAP Ceo. Project QT. Booty Calls. Kamihime Project R. Pocket Waifu.

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